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Camirage Imaging Services Inc.

Incorporated in August of 2004, Camirage Imaging Services Inc. (CIS) is a locally owned and operated document scanning and imaging company, specializing in high quality, customized document scanning.  CIS was born out of a need for professional, experienced, quality-oriented document scanning services on Vancouver  Island.  Our client base has gradually grown and expanded throughout Western Canada.  Our goal is to provide clients with timely and cost effective, quality scanning.  We focus on fast, accurate and reliable service and complete customer satisfaction.  Since we opened our doors, CIS has successfully completed many large scanning projects for the Governments of British Columbia and the Yukon, as well as, producing high quality digital images for architects, artists, lawyers and individuals seeking to convert family archives.  Some of our clients include:  Geological Surveys Branch B.C., Kutcho Copper Corporation, Geosciences, B.C., and Goldbrook Ventures Incorporated.  At CIS you get everything you expect from an imaging services company - outstanding quality, affordability, experience and integrity.   

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